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Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
Great service, great product. Very quick relief from the pai ..
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Jumpers Knee

The medical condition patellar tendonitis is commonly referred to as "Jumpers Knee." This is because it is primarily caused by repeated jumping and landing motions that cause stress on the tendons that surround the kneecap (patella). Jumpers knee is typically found in athletes, such as basketball and volleyball players, as well as those who engage in track and field events or other activities that require a lot of jumping.

Jumpers knee causes pain in the front of the knee. It is centered just below the kneecap itself, which leads to discomfort while kneeling, squatting, and even sitting in some cases. Those who suffer from jumpers knee have experienced small tears over time in the major tendon that runs between the thigh muscle (quadriceps) and the shin bone. This is what causes the tendonitis.

Solutions for Jumpers Knee

So what can you do? Surgery is an option, but usually is reserved only for severe cases that don't go away over time. More conservative methods include resting your knees (avoiding jumping activities), changing your body movements (a certain gait could be causing your pain), stretching, and working with a physical therapist.

Another easy solution is to wear a knee strap or knee guard. The PattStrap is an industry-leading product that is designed to fit just below your knee comfortably without slippage. It gently applies pressure to your swollen tendon to relieve it of stress. Over time, this can allow your inflammation to heal and the pain to go away. To place an order, visit PattStrap.com by clicking here.

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01.PattStrap Knee Compression Strap
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03.Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
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Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
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PattStrap Knee Compression Strap
Great stuff! Tried it on for my morning run --- no sign of p ..
5 of 5 Stars!

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