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Marathon Runners Recover Faster with Zensah Recovery Compression

Zensah® debuts at the ING Miami Marathon innovative recovery compression leg sleeves, which speed recovery for marathon runners.

Miami, Florida January 25, 2008 -- Zensah® (www.zensah.com), the originator of seamless compression sleeves, announces the global debut of marathon running recovery sleeves this weekend at the ING Miami Marathon. The marathon recovery sleeves can be purchased at the Zensah® booth at the ING Miami Marathon Health and Fitness Expo taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from January 25-26.

One of the greatest challenges is not making it to the finish line, but making it to the starting line. Many runners don't make it to the starting line due to injuries as part of their marathon training. Recovering from long runs is paramount as part of a marathon training program. Until now there was no specific way for targeting the lower leg.

Using its technology from its experience with professional basketball players and Olympians, Zensah® has created the first sleeves which allow for faster recovery for marathon training, and half marathon training. A number of world class triathletes have tested Zensah's recovery sleeves, and that has lead to increased performance.

"My tendonitis improved dramatically and two weeks later I have no symptoms whatsoever. I will be wearing them for my Trans-Continental run. You have a great product," says ultra runner Marshall Ulrich, who will be vying to break the world record for running across the United States in Run America this March.

For years athletes have used fluids, power bars and gels for training recovery and post race recovery. But what about specific areas in the body which are not reached by the blood stream or through the stomach? Only a targeted specific garment could provide a solution for the lower body muscles. Shin splints and a sore calf or calf injury can disrupt an athlete's training. The faster an athlete can recover, the more they will be able to push their limits and gain a qualitative advantage in competition. Now athletes can complement their nutritional supplement regimen thanks to a fast growing start-up based in Florida. The company believes its compression technology to recharge leg muscles and improve workout recovery, will revolutionize the way athletes train.

The company says that for the first time pinpoint pressure is applied to the calf and shin area. Studies have shown that boosting calf muscle blood circulation speeds recovery and reduces post race soreness.

Features & Benefits
The Zensah® muscle recovery sleeves use elevated grooves, and engineered ribbing to provide pinpoint gradient compression. The calf is made of different muscles which include the gastroc muscle, and soleus. The same knit fabric found in regular compression socks do not provide the tailored support. The Zensah® marathon recovery sleeves were developed to provide an answer to this problem.

The company engineered sleeves features and benefits include:

  • Alternating groove compression to increase muscle recovery and circulation
  • Longitude ribbing for deep calf support
  • Chevron ribbing or inverted "V" pattern to reduce shin splint injury
  • Anti-bacterial and therm0-regulating fabric

The marathon recovery sleeves can be used in numerous endurance sports such as trail running, 1 2 marathon, ultra marathon, triathlon, snow shoe racing, cyclocross and many other endurance sports. It also is used for injury prevention, and other sports medicine applications. The company envisions developing further products based upon its proprietary alternating groove compression fabric.

The Zensah® marathon recovery sleeves are made from proprietary Zensah Fabric® which is anti-bacterial, and moisture wicking. Most of the compression calf sleeves and shin splint sleeves on the market today are made from non-breathable neoprene or latex which can cause the skin and muscles to overheat, and to 5 percent of users rashes and blistering.

Pricing and Availability
The Zensah® marathon sleeves are available for purchase at specialty running, cycling and triathlon stores, and over the internet at PattStrap.com The marathon recovery sleeves come in pairs in either black, white or pink, and retails for $39.99.

About Zensah®
Zensah®, based in Miami, is the fastest growing high performance sports brand. The company focuses on developing high tech running, cycling and triathlon clothing for use in marathons, half marathons trail running, ultra running and ultra marathons. Zensah is the originator of seamless performance apparel. The company has developed a number of protective sleeves for the arm and legs. The company has developed proprietary technology which provides exceptional comfort and moisture wicking traits for the hard core athlete. For more information please visit http://www.zensah.com

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Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
Achilles Healer - Achilles Tendon Strap
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