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Bunion Sling - Hallux Valgus
I want to order a bunyan sling, I am a UK 8 foot, what size ..
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Bunion Foot Pain - Hallux Valgus

Bunions are caused either by misaligned or excess bone-material at the joint of your big toe. A bunion pushes your big toe inward, toward your second toe, a condition called hallux valgus. A bunion is a painful structural deformity of the bones and the joint between the foot and big toe.

Bunions are most common in women, and the cause is almost always due to unsuitable footwear. Bunions increase the width of the forefoot. As the forefoot becomes wider, it becomes increasingly more difficult to fit into a shoe. If you have had bunions in the past, or would just like to prevent a bunion from forming, it's important to wear shoes that fit properly and don't push your feet into unnatural positions.

The term "hallux valgus" or "hallux abducto valgus" are the most commonly-used medical terms associated with a bunion deformity, where "hallux" refers to the big toe, "valgus" refers to the abnormal rotation of the big toe commonly associated with bunion deformities, and "abducto" refers to the abnormal drifting or inward leaning of the big toe towards the second toe, which is also commonly associated with bunion disorders.

Bunions also change the position of the joint and force the big toe joint to function in a manner that promotes arthritis of the big toe joint. As the arthritis becomes increasingly evident, the big toe will ache both with and without shoes.

The symptoms of bunions include: Swelling or enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe, Displacement of the big toe toward the other toes, Joint redness, Joint pain, and Skin irritation over the bunion.

Use of the Bunion sling will minimize the progression of the bunion (hallux valgus) and reduce the pain and discomfort associated with an inflamed or irritated bunion. The Bunion sling effectively repositions the Hallux (big toe) for maximum comfort and support by stretching the muscles and tendons. The sling "pulls" the big toe away from the second toe. It will help take the pressure off the bump of the Bunion / hallux valgus. Order your Bunion sling today. Click here.

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Bunion Sling - Hallux Valgus
Bunion Sling - Hallux Valgus
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Bunion Sling - Hallux Valgus
I live in Japan got it in a week , the fabrifoam is soft and ..
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